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Michelle has been amazing to work with on my daughter’s 504 plan, teaching me the correct process, holding the teachers and counselors accountable, and explaining to me what appropriate accommodations would benefit my child’s learning. This is the personalized support you won’t get from the schools.

Sabrina W

Wish I would have had Michelle at every IEP meeting! We thought we were at a dead end road with our child's public school education. She is helping us navigate to get the appropriate supports in place to help our child have a happy and safe learning environment. If you are questioning your child's IEP or dreading your next IEP meeting I couldn't recommend these services more!

Katie W

I was questioning whether my child’s IEP needs were getting met at school. I was overwhelmed, my child was falling behind and I didn’t even understand the language of the IEP or my child’s rights…..then came Michelle a true advocate for children and families. She helped us understand what was in our IEP, tested and assessed my child to compare where she “actually was” as opposed to what the school was stating. She made recommendations on how to approach school on getting those needs met worked on our IEP review. She is incredibly knowledgeable in regards to IEP, school laws and most importantly assessing the needs of your child. If you are struggling with IEP, understanding it, have questions DONT hesitate or wait another minute she literally changed our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful. It’s a difficult system to navigate getting an advocate like Michelle by your side is a must!

Sara P.

I met Michelle when she was a special education teacher in my daughter’s school. I was able to communicate with her and work with her when my daughter was very young. After Michelle moved out of the county, I have tried my best to communicate with the school to get them revise my daughter IEP to reflect her need. I was frustrated with the system and I was not able to have my daughter needs met. I was so stressed out and even though I know what I want for my daughter, I was not able to express my concern in all the IEP meetings that I have attended. I didn’t understand the IEP language and was not clear on what my rights are.

With Michelle as my advocate, she was so knowledgeable about what we can ask, what needs to be revised and what needs to be removed from my daughter IEP. Michelle is also unique because she does listen to me and incorporate all my suggestion. She also discussed all request with me prior to the meeting to make sure that I understand what it means and what the outcome will be.

If you are going through the same thing and needs someone who understand the school system, IEP regulation and someone who has a solid background in special education, I strongly suggest that you get in touch with Michelle. She has a positive attitude and she really knows what she is talking about. Above all, she is honest and truly cares for kids with special need.

Hiwot B.

When my children ages 6 and 7 started with Michelle, neither could read anything but CVC words. She identified that they could benefit from a reading intervention. After 6 months, both my kids are now reading at or above grade level.

Alynna Bricco

As a parent with no background in education, I have to put my trust in the teachers and school to create an IEP that will help my child learn and grow. After some time feeling as though the school was missing the mark on some underlying issues associated with my daughter’s education and development, and not knowing how to verbalize to the school what I thought my daughter needed and deserved, I sought Michelle’s counsel.
Michelle listened to my concerns and truly HEARD me. In the meeting she represented not only me, but was able to strongly advocate for my daughter. It can be difficult for parents to understand all the verbiage and educational jargon being used in these meetings, and often times feel as though you’re being given the run around. Michelle not only spoke on my behalf, but negotiated using the same terms the team uses, and called them out on a number of issues.
With Michelle’s help I was able to not only secure my daughter a better written IEP, with clear and measurable goals, but also a full evaluation to determine underlying areas of need, as well as tutoring services to help my child finally (after years of the school missing the mark on her education) achieve the goals in her areas of need…. The areas I have always advocated for, unsuccessfully without the help of Michelle.
Michelle’s thoughtful consideration to your child, and her empathetic nature is exactly what you need in an advocate, and I highly recommend her to help you in getting what your child deserves!

Maureen Knepper

We were referred to Michelle and initially utilized her for reading and math tutoring for our 1st grader. We were at the forefront of a 504 plan that turned into a much needed IEP and we had no idea what an asset Michelle would soon become. She used her knowledge, expertise, and innate compassion to hone in on exactly what our son needed and she saw to it that his IEP reflected just that. Her services are unparalleled and invaluable and we are so grateful to have her advocacy and support.

Meagan E.

We have been working with Michelle for a little while, and thus far she has been outstanding. She has taught my child various new techniques to help with reading and math. I see the light bulb going on for him, in a way I have never seen before thanks to her. I feel it takes a special person to be a teacher, it takes time and patience and the ability to get thru to a child, especially when they striggle. Michelle has all of the qualities and more and is truly a master of her craft and was made to be a teacher. If your child is struggling, working with Michelle would be very beneficial and I hope you see progress as quickly as we have !! -Lisa

Lisa D.

We started tutoring with Michelle less than a month ago and the progress we've already seen is truly amazing. My first grader has gone from not being able to fully retain letter recognition to independently reading her very first book! Michelle has met our child where she is with patience, while simultaneously challenging her to reach full potential. Highly recommend!

Melissa D.

I absolutely adore this lady! After the past few years with Covid - me teaching my daughter and trying to play catch-up :: we needed some help!
To not be able to explain to McKenzie how to get from step one to five because it’s not what we were taught is very frustrating for me and her as well. Michelle has completely turned McKenzie‘s view around and has given her a sense of confidence. She is absolutely amazing with my daughter and I am just so thankful!
If you were on the fence or even think maybe my child needs it maybe they don’t… Do it!
It’s well worth it

Juliet B.

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